Wednesday, 2 September 2009

"How to clean everything about the house"

G's aunt died and would have been 97 this month. She had kept an amazing amount of stuff including a brochure with the above title. Here is an extract on how to clean swimsuits.

"Fill a saucer with cleaning spirit and gently squeeze the stained area in it to dissolve the solid matter. When only a faint brown stain remains, mop lightly with a clean rag, being careful not to rub. Send the suit to be cleaned when convenient."

The mind boggles!!! What were they swimming in? Were the waters/swimming pools infested with waste or were they shark infested to induce such fear?

Boaters waste disposal problems pale into insignificance compared to this - which reminds me, we shared pump out equipment with another boat at Marple and we hadn't even exchanged first names, let alone formal introductions '- tis a rum old world.

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