Sunday, 3 May 2009

Walkies round Winwick & Elkington

This post box photo is for Lesley & Joe on NB Caxton

You don't see many beautiful, quintessentially English, tree lined avenues anymore.

Had a really nice walk today in varied scenery, but had to keep the dogs on leads for most of it due to cattle. They don't believe in Artificial Insemination round here, it's all bull.

Came home and G made a butterscotch tea cake & I made dinner. What a dull pair we are today.

We'll probably move tomorrow, but we'll have to go down the Welford Arm & back, just to get water. I wouldn't have bothered otherwise as I've already walked it twice. I want to walk into North Kilworth & to Husbands Bosworth, but we wouldn't have enough water to sustain us to Foxton Locks if we don't go down the arm. Could do with another water point by the HB tunnel really.
Anyway, boring we may be, but the pictures are pretty & we'll sleep well tonight. Happy chappies we are.

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  1. Hello Jill & Graham,
    Sorry your story got 'lost'. It's not something I do with my blog but perhaps it might be an idea to compose the blog in 'Word' and then cut and paste it into the blog, that way it won't be lost and you can try again without the hassle of retyping it?
    Just a thought.
    John (& Pauline) nb Stella.