Saturday, 2 May 2009

Holed up for the bank holiday.

Didn't travel far yesterday, watered at Yelvertoft and moored up about a mile & a half through, nicely in the middle of nowhere and away from the 'motorway madness' that is a bank holiday weekend. Trundling along the tow path with the dogs, I came across acres of 2ft high polythene & pontificated as to it's purpose.

Eventually I came across this sign which, one assumes, is the reason for the polythene, but I'm still none the wiser as to why - there was no resemblance to pontoon layouts. It is certainly going to be huge and I can't help but wonder how the system will cope, at busy times, given it's close proximity to Crick Marina. Between 35 & 40 NBs passed us heading North today - only 2 passed us heading South. Where will all those boats moor tonight, let alone when another vast Marina joins the flow? I might just have to walk up and take a look tomorrow - maybe someone's invented mutli storey NB parks.

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