Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Town Centre

Put the extra pictures on as they describe the canal better than I can. The last couple of miles were horribly ordinary but then you sort of burst into the basin like the leading lady on premier night under the flash bulbs of the (largely Japanese) press - weird!
Sadly, for current visitors, the basin & RSC building are undergoing major construction so no photo opps in the immediate vicinity but took the dogs down to the acres and acres of parkland beside the Avon which are quite stunning and SO MUCH SPACE right in the centre. Daisy & Ted, however, are not happy bunnies as I wouldn't let them out in this geo situ. Wandered into town this am to sort out some bank stuff & buy some shoes (needed) & some boots (merely wanted), had lunch out (superb) & then we were too cowardly to brave Daisy any longer, so legged it out of town through 5 locks and let her out at the first safe opportunity! my God, that cat is ruling our lives - we now feel guilty for having our first night in town EVER- & the language from her; she certainly didn't learn it from me!

"Legging," it out of town, however, was a little easier said than done! Although, we had been told, the canal had been in virtual flood conditions only a week ago; the last few days had seen rather alarming drops in the pounds - 2 out of the 1st 4 locks saw us seriously bottomed out & we had to do a bit of "flushing" to re-float.

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