Monday, 15 September 2008

Big Cuts!

So. Changed our internet connection 'cause I don't have the patience to fiddle about with the very intermittment connection we've been struggling with - hence my silence. My friend's BBQ at kirtlington quarry found some rare sunshine & lots of fun & booze-although the horse we met coming down, as we (both dogs & Daisy) went up to mark the path from the nearest road point with armfuls of balloons, nearly had a heart attack-but the lass stayed on-superglue required.

So much has happened that senior moments have eradicated whilst experiencing extreme techno difficulties that I beg your understanding whilst I recall random memories. It was such a joy to turn off onto pastures new at Napton and be confronted by our first experience of BIG canals. Paddles are hydraulic (&look like pot bellied stoves) & you can go in side by side. This means that driver of boat has someone to yack to whilst stuck in the dungeons & isn't isolated from lock side banter. Immediately started locking down with Brian & Leona, daughters & grandsons - long & lovely day in sunshine & friendship moored up together in the evening & let them move on yesterday with more than a little sadness for saying goodbye-we'd had some heavy & very wet locking days & I needed a day of rest yesterday-I'd intended to paint but was just too tired.

Set off early today having recovered from the Stockton flight Saturday & continued on downwards through the double locks by ourselves with not another soul in sight. Moored up late & shattered just before tomorrow's endurance test of Hatton's 21 locks from Warwick. Wandered up a little to check out potentially safer moorings for cats (always difficult inbuilt up areas) & found, to our delight, Brian's gang moored a little further up. So -hangovers permitting-we'll set off tomorrow at about 9am & do the 21 together-let's hope we are all still friends at the end of the day!!!!!

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