Saturday, 2 February 2008

Thank you

Jill and I went to see Matilda Rose in the dry dock at Banbury, she was looking right grand with her newly blacked bottom, but also like a fish out of water. I would like at this time to extend my thanks to Mathew Armitage of Tooleys Boatyard who have carried out the blacking and rectification works that were identified at the survey.
I want to make a special thanks and recommendation for a man who spent time far above the call of duty, he has taught me so much and had so much patience when carrying out the survey and that is Barrie Morse.
Time is standing still, we have less than 48hrs till we take the helm of Matilda Rose, but it seems like an age. Tomorrow we shall be prioritising our boxes for the move onboard. Role on Monday.

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  1. Cone on Guys, It's Thursday evening - nothing since Saturday!!!
    We're desperate for the next chapter.