Thursday, 14 February 2008

recent misadventures

to elaborate a little. having bought dogs life jackets they, of course didnt have them on when we deceided best place to get them off was when we rose to top of lock. Baxters enthusiasm landed him in the water & hooked out quickly by long hair. Needless to say jackets are now on at all times - the handles mean you can move them about like handbags as well as fish them out. However, they are now convinced that they can't bend their backs and will no longer jump up stern steps! A strange smell pervaded yesterday and it's source revealed itself when I reached for clean clothes ( OK i'm not so hot with this inside out, back to front stuff) to find we had a leak below the pump out filter, or somewhere or other, resulting in MY clothes covered in pooh - solved a few cupboard space problems - I can do minimalism! This morning had an early start to be at boatyard in Banbury by 10.00. Let cats out for rummage and hunt on towpath as usual and realised old Ted wasn't sitting about as usual, but taking off down the towpath at a serious and determined trot with belly swinging in the very cold wind. G in shower, me in dressing gown & wellies after him - thank god no local dog walker spotted me; nor husband with camera (he's usually very canny at capturing me on camera in my finest moments of humiliation!

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