Tuesday, 16 August 2011

We were still there, but the Lappy did expire.

Lesson learn't, do not give a glass of red wine to a five year old........laptop, she expired the next morning without any warning whatsoever. New Lappy has arrived and is now almost ready for ........catch-up to follow.


  1. Good to have you back in the virtual world!

  2. Dear Both,
    Welcome back you have been missed. I have a question maybe we could have an answer... Last year you wrote to the head of a sailing club to complain about one of the members that you had had a nasty close encounter with. I wanted to know if you ever had a reply at the end of the summer which I think he had hinted at?
    Happy typing!!!
    Lisa Carr

  3. Cheers Andrew,
    Please tell your good lady that her Towpath preserves were wicked but need to be in a 20oz jar next time(tongue somewhat in cheek).

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Unfortunately we had to put the whole episode in the hands of the police, so hence we were not able to publish the answer from the Commodore of the Club involve although we did get a somewhat luke warm apology through him from the skipper of the cruiser concerned.
    However when questioned by the Police he denied any threatening and abusive behaviour, the Police now have it on record and should such an event happen again in the future, they then know what he is like and take action next time.