Friday, 18 July 2008

Theft from Boats

We were never, no I can't say never, burgled whilst living in bricks and mortar although we did have our shop broken into. The community on the cut has taken another knocking, we were burgled last night, by whoever, who had one hell of a thirst on, 36 cans Cider and 36 cans of Bitter. The next time this happens, I shall have found a volunteer on whom to test my new chainsaw, the arabs have the right idea, cut 0f their f*****g hands. Am I pissed, no I don't have any alcohol to get pissed on.
OK Mum, I shan't do anyone any damage, but at this moment in time I possibly could. No time has passed and I am calming down, but beware burglars I am sleeping with my chainsaw.
We are at Twyford wharf south of banbury heading down towards Enslow and the Rock of Gibraltar. Jill has been back now for 2 weeks and is slowly chilling out again that was until last nights antics. Anyway more from Jill when she lands, perhaps she has and it's still me at 10,000 feet.


  1. Surely these scroats didn't get into the boat? I know when we had our garage broken into and a ride-on stolen, I was LIVID. The sense of horror, disgust, alarm that someone has intruded onto your property is oh so powerful. Make sure you report it to the police; they won't do anything of course but at least they will be aware that there is criminal activity in this area and things are NOT all right with the world!
    PS. The chain saw might be a tad noisey, - tiller arm, perhaps.
    NB Caxton

  2. Cheers guys, chainsaw would be a little ott, we did report to police 4 coppers turned out whilst we were out shopping to replace the beer, then a 5th turned up at 10pm that evening to take a witness statement