Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Days to Do

Eight days to retirement, what a pleasure, but life has been very hectic.

Six days and hopefully our marine engineer will give us the go ahead to buying Matilda Rose, a 66ft Jonathan Wilson/Anthony M semi trad Narrowboat at present moored on the Oxford Canal.

20th November 2007 saw Jill in our shop talking to a customer who wanted to buy a knitting pattern, instead she ended up buying our business and home, her husband now goes around telling his mates "we liked the product so we bought the company".

That weekend we searched the internet for a Narrowboat, and found Matilda Rose on the ABNB site, and the rest they say is history. except....... that story is for another day.

Baxter on our caravan, fed up its raining and he wants to go out.

Mutley is Baxter's son and knows he is as beautiful as he looks in this picture.

This is Big Ted, our senior citizen.

The boss can be seen at the top of the blog and althought the smallest of all our animals is the undisputed leader, she stands no nonsense, even from Jill and tells her in no uncertain terms what she wants by nipping her achilles tendons.

All our managerie have travelled with us on our caravanning holidays, and have in the last 3-4 years lived with us on our caravan for seven months of the year only returning to our flat in the winter. We are hoping that this has been a good grounding for our move onto Matilda Rose.

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